Jenny – spring/summer collection 2017

Jenny: Fun shoe fashions

A bit of '70s flair with a bit of '90s retro, with a sports influence: a wide variety of styles ranging from modern romance to clean aesthetics await for spring/summer 2017. Colours are powdery with natural, neutral tones complemented by cheerfully vibrant colour schemes, including the maritime theme of white, blue and red. Stripes and creatively washed denim are indispensable elements. But the season’s key pieces are dresses ranging from mini to maxi, resplendent blouses and casual suits.

Those who like the Jenny style will be wearing flat jogging shoes and dandies, sandals with ankle emphasis, or – the latest thing – sneakers ranging from trainers to high-tops, which are now at the forefront of the much-expanded sporty element in the collection. Our designers have created the Jenny Sportsline especially for fashion-conscious women who value comfort as well. Focusing on high-tech comfort features, the series stands apart from those of other sports shoe makers and fashion sneaker lines. The collection includes slim summery pumps and ballerinas in rounded forms with trendy features like buckles, brooches, rhinestone deco, Lyra perforations and/or rivet images.

There is significantly more leather than last year, chiefly high-quality nubuck and calf suede. Jenny designers are also favouring fantasy imitation leathers and technical materials like mesh.

Neutral colours like taupe and truffle are strongly represented, as well as nude shades of rosé, plush, gravel and linoleum. Additionally there is a lot of white, cognac and a spectrum of blues ranging from jeans to marine. Metallics in rose gold, platinum, titanium and silver give shoes a must-have lustre and shimmer this season.

Light one and two-tone PU soles, flexible, flat TR bottoms and sewn-on or directly moulded PU soles provide the exceptional comfort for which Jenny is well known. Feminine block heels of 35 - 45 millimetres in height ensure a fashionable appearance. Strobel, ago, moccasin and sewn-on designs with sporty contrast and comb stitching and painstaking hand-stitching underscore the quality craftsmanship that goes into the models and their outstanding fit.

A majority of models now have a newly developed insole of dual-density memory foam known as the Relax Insole. All sneaker models also have a removable insole, allowing use of inserts. Linings are made of Airtex, Microline or imitation goat leather, and the insoles are 100% leather for pleasant and comfortable wearing.

The slightly expanded Jenny Collection spanning some 170 models is available in an range of colours and widths from G to H. Jogging shoes, sneakers, dandies, espadrilles, college shoes, pumps and ballerinas all have one thing in common: the high level of comfort typical of Jenny coupled with stylish young design – at an affordable price.