Press text for business media concerning the new brand alignment

With its new logo, ara has made an important step to the new brand alignment. Yet it remains true to its core values.

The ara brand has relaunched its logo, taking the next important step into the future. This step turns the spotlight on the collection, which has already been revolutionised with numerous model innovations. At the same time, however, the ara Classic range will continue under the existing logo.

"The new logo is more stylish and modern. Its attractive design draws attention to the new collections." Management Board member Stefan Frank regards the realignment of the brand as a necessary measure. The collections have already been modernised and made more consumer-oriented. As usual, the collections feature the typical ara comfort – the correct fit, numerous functions such as extra widths, light weight, removable footbed and many other ara features have been retained. From the fashion perspective, though, the collection has become much more attractive.

The alignment: Fashion & Function
The brand alignment is based on the Fashion & Function strategy. These comfort functions are exactly the core values that have characterised the ara brand since 1949. The shoes are designed for a target group whose feet are subject to stress and therefore have special comfort needs. Recent surveys show that this applies to no less than 50 percent of all female shoe buyers. It has also been observed that these customers are putting more emphasis on fashion. The new brand alignment addresses all of these requirements. Apart from the new Trend/Timeless items of the shoe collection, ara Bags and ara Men will also use the new logo. In this way, ara will also become attractive for the target group that "merely" wants fashionable, comfortable shoes.


Integration of the new logo for the spring/summer 2017 season As of the SS 17 season, products as well as boxes will be labelled with the new logo. From the season launch, resellers will be supported with PoS material and decoration packages bearing the new branding. Of course, the new branding will also be communicated to the end consumers by way of the supporting communication measures for SS 17 – brochures, inserts, ads and online banners will all don the new logo.



Realignment delivers new opportunities for resellers Despite the innovation of the new branding, ara continues to deliver a high-quality collection for its loyal customers. The ara Classic line will continue to offer a proven collection, bear the accustomed logo, and make sure that those who prefer classic comfort find what they are looking for. This means that our resellers partners can continue to properly cater for this target group. At the same time, the "new ara" will enable them to address the target group that pays more attention to style and fashion. The new branding and the new collection alignment will create the opportunity to gain new customers. "As a brand, ara has always been loyal to its resellers. For this reason, strategic considerations with respect to the resellers have also been accommodated in the realignment", explains Stefan Frank, member of the Management Board.


- To be continued -