With this shoe innovation, ara shows how to combine fashion and comfort in a new dimension. ara calls it Fashion & Function. There is a whole lot of it in the new ara Fusion4. Together, the HiFlex upper and Dynergy sole embody a total innovation and, combined with the shoe design, they show that ara knows what women today really need.

Fits. Simply. Always.
This new sneaker easily adjusts to every foot. The flexible HiFlex knit upper adjusts to every foot shape, guarantees enough room in problem zones and generally provides for pleasant wearing comfort and the necessary stability in all areas of the foot. Women who like to be on the go in comfort will know to value this flexible property. Because it guarantees they can walk without pressure. The Dynergy sole also follows this form concept. Its unique lamellar structure powerfully adjusts to all forms at the bottom of feet, creating a perfect foundation and providing a dynamic note when feet roll over. That is because the lamella are inclined in different directions in the front and back areas of the sole. The heel and front of the foot are therefore supported as needed and cushioned optimally. Through its unique architecture, the Dynergy sole also provides for a proactive training effect during walking. In total, the ara Fusion4 offers an innovative combination of functions whose comfort makes it fun to wear.

Flexible style as well
The ara Fusion4 is a sneaker whose fashionable design fits not only the here and now, but also different looks. It can look casual with jeans and an oversized sweater or sporty with leggings and a t-shirt, and it can also look stylish with a business outfit. If you can’t get enough ara Fusion4, you can simply get all the colours and combine them as you like.

At specialist retailers, of course
You can find the new ara Fusion4 at your shoe retailer, starting right now. Including proper advice. Women who want to be stylish yet comfortably en vogue have found the proper shoe with Fusion4 and the perfect mix of Fashion and Function from ara.