Ultimate protection with every step you take

http://www.dastu.polimi.it/?CAMS=young-naked-webcams Our feet have plenty to put up with, and any stress on them can have a detrimental effect on the whole body. A variety of features ensure that ara shoes stay comfortable even with prolonged wearing. For example, they cushion the step, and so help protect muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. Other features provide an optimal foot climate by ensuring high levels of breathability.

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see url And all our models combine a high degree of wearer comfort with fashionable styling. Just click on the icons to find out what's behind our many well-conceived design features.

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The Features at a glance:

Dry Stitch

Dry Stitch

Funktion 1/10


Funktion 2/10
Removable footbed

The basis for your well-being

… anatomically fitted
… may be replaced with specially fitted footbed
Funktion 3/10
Comfort Flex

Like walking on air

… extremely flexible
… superior shock-absorbing properties
… perfect footbed fitting
Funktion 4/10

Light and easy does it

… for maximum comfort and pleasurable walking
… relieves legs and feet from strain
Funktion 5/10

Ideal for any type of weather

… permanently waterproof
… highly breathable
… extremely durable
Funktion 6/10

Your feet and their feelings are ever individual

... F = Regular width
... G = Regular + width
... H = Comfort width
... H 1/2 = Comfort width +
... K = Special width
Funktion 7/10
ara men Removable footbed

As individual as „his“ foot

...adapted to the shape of a mans foot
...exchangeable for customised insoles
Funktion 8/10
ara men Gore-Tex®

Perfect for any type of weather

...waterproof protection
...extremely breathable
...long-lasting performance
Funktion 9/10
ara men XL Extralight

Put a spring in your step

...healthy and comfortable walking
...extremely light
Funktion 10/10

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