About us

Trust your feeling.

ara Shoes – local roots, global player

We are a family-owned company that has been based in the German town of Langenfeld for 75 years. Our brand is distributed from here to destinations around the globe and we can rely on the expertise of a dedicated, 2,700-strong workforce. We collectively believe that responsibility is an important aspect of our company policy – responsibility for the environment in the material procurement and production processes, and responsibility towards our partners, customers, suppliers and their families. Our responsibility as a manufacturer naturally includes regular quality audits by independent institutes as a benchmark for our stringent production standards.


ara Shoes – because life doesn’t stand still

The modern concept of shoes extends beyond pure utility. Today, people express their fashion sense and also, in many cases, their attitude towards life with the shoes they wear. We are seeing a new passion that demands both comfort and function as a matter of course. That’s why we create shoes that not only fit our customers, but also move them if we give our best. This dedication and attention to detail has made the ara brand an established player in the global footwear market – with a place in the hearts of our customers.



For more than 75 years, ara Shoes has represented the world of premium quality fashion footwear. Our aim is to combine contemporary design with excellent wearability so we can create shoes that perfectly unite style and comfort. We are only satisfied when each model is as unique as its wearer. Join us on our journey into the future of footwear fashion and step into a new awareness of walking.